Your phone is the key to tripling your efforts in life

In light of last week's YouTube clip about needing to be on your phone all the time as a business person (Watch it here...)

I believe that business people need to start using their phones as their primary work device.

It's no longer the laptop, and definitely not the desktop for work. In fact, I kind of think I should buy the best Phone I can get next upgrade and not bother upgrading my laptop.

It's all about apps. And as much I have been a bit fed up with Apple lately because of their pricing and limitations, they still win the app game. Although Android is getting there, but they've been "getting there" since inception.

I'd say if you haven't yet bought a laptop, rather invest in an iPhone with a decent hard drive (64/128GB).


Everything is streamlined and specifically developed to work quickly and easily. Apps for your phone are far more user friendly than computer apps. Also, unless you're working on professional audio recording, video, or maybe industry specific software, an iPhone can do almost everything better. AND you can do it anywhere, while you wait for a meeting to start, walking to a coffee shop, as a passenger in a car, or public transport.

You can TRIPLE your productivity!


This is not the future, it's happening NOW. I'm a keen audio recording artist, I have a pretty good home studio. But the bulk of my development work on a new song has now moved to my phone with a basic sound interface for my phone. Apple have made it that the bulk of their drum software and a core selection of synths are available in Garageband for iOS and I can import them into my professional computer software later on for further development and mixing. It's the same for iMovie. Photos can be edited very effectively in Snapseed or Lightroom for iOS. Documents can be done in Google Docs. Notes can be done in Google keep, Apple Notes or Evernote. Invoicing can be done with Invoice2go. And everything works off the cloud. Dropbox is available on your phone. Google drive is available on your phone. You can read books on your phone and even use it as a document scanner with apps like "Genius Scan". And I could go on...

Not to mention that your biggest marketing platform - social media - is the most integrated and effective from your phone. Including your advertising.

Think about it, besides a big screen and a hard drive, what is your computer doing BETTER than your phone?

Seriously, I want to know. Send me a comment and I am keen to see if I can debunk all the "pitfalls" of committing to using your phone and your primary work device.