How to put the "social" into social media marketing.

Watch this:

It's brilliantly edited and the presenter is pretty interesting. But the only real reason I watched it until the end was their epic content, which I suppose is a lesson in and of itself. EPIC. CONTENT.

But the thing I noticed was that there was no social connection. I never felt emotionally invested in the story. Because there was none. To compare to the almighty "old Top Gear", there would always be a story, and in this case it would be an introduction to the personalities driving the cars and an argument about who would win, possible a little scuffle between two particularly feisty drivers. A short 10 seconds would have taken this video from generic information to a personal journey of some interesting people driving these incredible cars.

It's a small thing but I am learning that it's everything.

Your content and your social presentation to the world cannot be information based, and by that I mean: "Hey look, our new item for sale... it's R19,99". The most successful social media campaigns focus on the key word - "social". Whether you're putting out photos of you and your pugs or images of your business with inspirational quotes, make it personal. Make it REAL. That example should be more like, "Hey, check out me and my employee trying out our new item for sale... it's so AWESOME!!" And then somewhere you could maybe ad that it's R19,99, if you really have to.