Why Snapchat is the new jesus of social media

I know what you're thinking. Jesus had a beard. But besides that, if you can get over my rediculous blasphemy to get your attention. You need to listen up. Because I am about to tell you something very important about the social media landscape.

Like me, you've probably downloaded Snapchat 2 or 3 times and thought, "This is absolute rubbish, I have no idea how this works, these bloody millenials!" Then I downloaded it about a month and a half ago because I heard some online chatter about it. That it was the next big thing. Fortunately the South African market is very slow to catch on to these things, so we haven't missed the boat just yet. However, once I downloaded it I noticed all the local celebrities and people who use social media actively were getting into Snapchat. Many people, like myself, have simply been getting into it because we don't want to miss out on something that could potentially convert into growth of our businesses.

But the real reason Snapchat is huge is this...

Snapchat doesn't save your images. You can choose to. But it does not natively do this. And within the message section of the app, you are not able to download images and videos at all. What's more, you get 2 chances to view your friends message, then it's gone. Forever.

That's a huge move away from the "always on the cloud" mindset we have been developing over the past few years. Perhaps it was to save space on teenagers' cheap phones, but the effect of that simple feature is that your audience must pay attention, or they miss the message.

What that means for you as a business person or just someone looking to get noticed, is that unlike Facebook or Twitter, there's no "Oh I will check it later" mentality, which translates into nobody paying attention at all, the person following you pays more attention than ever in the history of social media.

In other words, Snapchat is the most captivating online platform since... well... anything!

I am going to make a prediction, here, no matter how much you think Snapchat is for the kids, you'll be using it in some capacity as a South African, by the end of 2016.

Good luck proving me wrong!