Why I started Web Brew

I'm not a sales person... or a business person. Not in the traditional sense. When it comes to the hard sell, I suck. Selling something I don't particularly believe in is very difficult for me. It's the reason I was a terrible salesperson at Nashua Mobile. Everybody loved me, but eventually we had to face the harsh reality that I simply wasn't making them money. Why? Because the bulk of my "Corporate Selling" was to overspent government workers who couldn't resist getting another cool feature phone. They'd come from no money to a decent monthly salary and they were all overspending... and we knew it... I was selling to people who couldn't afford it. And was pushing them into it. We were preying on the "weakest" end of the market!

This is how I felt about selling Social Media Management services. I felt it was a bull%^&* product to people who didn't understand how it worked. Until I found the real heart of it:

done right, social media can save a dying business and escalate a thriving business to a global brand.

I just took issue with signing up clients and using paid advertising on Facebook as a badge of honour for my "results". Because if I am just riding Facebook's paid ads, then all I am doing is being a middle man for THEIR product and adding zero value besides providing a graph to my client showing them how well they've done on social media.

The focus HAS to be on quality content!

The move from Lithe Media to Web Brew

It's quite simple, really. Lithe Media was a small website business, while Web Brew is a refreshed look at the digital space to generate content in whatever way will work for a specific application.

For example: video is killing it on Facebook right now, so we're running with that for our clients. But that might change next month because, for example, YouTube change their structure and take the lead. We will then shift our focus in how we do video to appeal to the YouTube audience more.

Also, the website market has changed, so we have changed with it... I'm not afraid to suggest a free alternative to a client who I know would never be happy with the costs of a quality website.

So why start Web Brew at all?

Web Brew is tied to my evolution as a human. I have grown. I have opened my eyes to the grand scope of the digital space. I couldn't keep my head buried in the sand anymore, thinking that eventually my smalltime approach was going to cut it. Websites, social media, generating content are the keys to this digital game right now, but it may change tomorrow. We will change with it. That's the reason for starting Web Brew - an excitement for this ever changing digital landscape, and a renewed discovery of creating digital creative content.