Trust the you you've always trusted

After realising that my entire compliment of websites were hacked, I began to panic and eventually self-doubt and insecurity set in. "I'm such an idiot", "how did I ever think I could pull this off in the first place", were the thoughts running through my mind.

In this space I proceeded to make endless mistakes, transferring incorrect domains and essentially wasting precious time.

I quickly realised I needed to get into a better headspace to get through this. I bumped into a friend and colleague and I met with her and her husband to discuss the industry and generally my collapse of self-worth. In a nutshell, they encouraged me to stop undervaluing myself and take this thing by the I mean gonads... ah... I mean balls... ah bloody hell. Lol.

What I am getting at is that there simply is no place in your life for self pity. Sure, you need those downers to acknowledge that something is missing: either a pep talk from some colleagues, or maybe some assistance by hiring staff or whatever.

After my mindset changed, and to be honest, I did a full 360 and my attitude even affected my performance at gigs, I began to make less mistakes and accepted the good in me.

Today I brought in my first proper full-time intern. A totally left field decision after meeting with quite a few people. Yet after all those meetings this guy just stuck in my mind and something told me to take a chance on him. So far so good...!

Whatever you're doing, you're in it because you reached a point in your life where you realised this is where you want to be, this is something you can do. You believed in yourself and you took a risk. Remember that. Trust it. Remember the you you've always trusted. Acknowledge the greatness in you and your capacity for exceptional things.