The week off hell

If there's one thing that I learnt from this week of hell is that life isn't worth all the effort if you're not present. Even in the most stressful pressure cooker environment you can find enjoyment if you're present, choosing to receive these moments as who you are. If you can't accept the worst of your life, then it's impossible to find peace.

The funny thing is, after being under threat of losing clients and even my business I'm more motivated than ever to focus and kick some butt with my business.

The reason for this, well, if I'm honest I have no idea why. I could be pretentious and say I am living in my "bliss" and maybe I am. But the reality is I have stumbled into a bunch of things and now I'm here. Figuring things out as I go and making choices with as much wisdom as I can muster up.

If there's any advice I can give anyone is to be present. Allow yourself to become fully aware of the place you're in. It'll help you make better choices and move forward in life.