The answer is being a fixer #mindshiftZA

I'm absorbing alot of entrepreneurial inspiration lately through the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and some other things. I'm reading a book relating to tech entrepreneurialism and I am listening to Gareth Cliff's updates from Silicon Valley.

Essentially, my mind is trying to blend what people are doing in America into our South African context and Gareth Cliff brought up a very good point in yesterday's update.

The Silicon Valley "winners" are those that are seeking to solve people's real problems. They're looking beyond their desire for an iPad, MacBook, German car and a house on the hill. And the irony is that the ones obtaining those things are the ones who aren't specifically looking for them. They're the ones keen to bring light into the world.

In our South African context we're still behind in that curve and most of us are looking to places like America and wanting the flashy lifestyle but not paying attention to the work.

If I look at a social media guru like Gary Vaynerchuk he is trying to solve people's problems in a real way. He's not trying to gloss over the real issues to make a buck, although he's doing very well for himself. And he is doing well because he is not afraid to ask the hard questions about social media and be real about why people are failing.

My take away message today is this: wherever we are in our sphere of influence we need to solve real problems for real people. It's pointless solving American problems in a South African context. We've got guys doing great things here. One entrepreneur I heard of has figured out a way to get free emergency phonecalls on cellular networks, because "please call me's" are shit. That's a real solution.

For me? I've been hammering away at a saturated market for websites in a landscape that isn't even sure of where to click to find a menu on a website. It is, surely, time for a #mindshiftZA

image: @garyvee