Seth Godin articulated my thoughts on cars

I have had a gripe with Toyota and a few other companies for a while now. But to stick with Toyota as my prime suspect: it feels like the company is run by a bunch of old men who have lost track of what's in, what's out and what's just plain stupid.

Take the new Fortuner for example. If you're ONLY into ruggedness and durability (and if you're the kind of person who can afford a new Fortuner these things shouldn't be on top of your list unless you own a farm where getting to your doorstep is a literal four wheel drive affair) then it's the car for you. But Seth Godin says this:

How much does it cost a car company to display the temperature outside? Well, it used to mean wiring a circuit, adding a sensor, creating a display. Now, it might cost them $1 (if that) to add that feature to a $40,000 car. - Seth Godin

So why, in heaven's name, are they still charging for basic extra's. Why is the car so damn ugly when even the Chinese are starting to produce good looking cars?

These are no longer expensive things to do!

Companies like Toyota still think consumers believe it takes a lot of money to provide SatNav, rain sensors and 4x4. While the Renault Duster, although also ugly, offers all these features at a very affordable price (because it did not cost them much to add the features).

The digital age has ushered in a generation that is aware that many things have been made easy and affordable by a simple software script on a processor. Those who forget this will fall behind, and that's a global concern if Toyota don't catch up soon.