Monetize that shit

I'm a bit of a @garyvee fanboy right now - he's a business guru living in New York. Right now, my mantra is just being who I know myself to be - to be self-aware, and not give a damn what people think.

I'm a musician and that part is hard. It's not easy being a musician in this country and I have made peace with the way I am functioning in that arena right now. I have never wanted to be a travelling musician touring the world, and my cover music/YouTube videos is enough for me. Perhaps with kids and my wife, my priorities have changed as well.

I have invested in a studio, which makes me happy and very slowly is making money.

But at 36 years old I have become acutely self-aware of the fact that I simply love making things with technology. I love the learning curve of figuring out a new camera and making it function at a higher level than most users. I love downloading obscure software and generating content that other's wouldn't have thought of. Just writing this part of this blog makes my stomach churn and my head spin with excitement. It's my overwhelming inner joy. So much so that if you told me I'd make no money in a room of technology and the internet, I'd probably choose that option over others everytime.

The common thread through all the self-help, guru-type speakers and book writers is this: If you do what you love, and if you work hard enough, you can monetise that shit.

It is without a doubt one of my overall beliefs in life that your mission in your early years (18-25) is to figure out what makes you tick, and the only way to do that is to ruthlessly and fearlessly pursue things that interest you. Your failures are your friend. And in time, you'll learn how to manage it in a meaningful and efficient way.

I took a little longer, but you simply cannot let age get in the way of your happiness.