I've figured it out... I'm a headcase...

I was listening to a podcast of Gary Vaynerchuk (arguably the greatest mind in online media right now) interviewing Seth Godin (one of the greatest marketing gurus of all time). And it hit me. I'm a headcase.

They were going on about what makes them tick. What's made them successful. What motivates them. And then it hit me, in the form of a hashtag - #whatsnew

This #whatsnew captures my essence. I get bored of things while they're busy trending. I purposefully wait for a fad to finish because I was into it BEFORE everyone knew about it and I hate to be one of the regular people, just being regular.

Also, I will fight you, just because you oppose something new. Not because your reasoning is flawed, but because I hate you for being anti-new.

Sooooo... #whatsnew