Google Play Music is better, but I'm still using iTunes

iTunes is communism. I really dislike it. In all my Apple revelry, I think iTunes has become overly cumbersome, initially to stop piracy, but recently to keep people in the Apple environment. That's digital communism.

Why iTunes is bad

  • The desktop software is pathetic.
  • It greys out a lot of your music (In South Africa) - including mp3's I bought from artist websites!
  • It's complicated - I've been using it for years and I still can't use it properly

Why Google Play Music is good

  • The phone app is simple, with key feature where you need them
  • Compared to iTunes for desktop being so big and bulky, Google has a very simply desktop uploader and player.
  • Simply add your mp3's to a folder and they're uploaded, no complications

BUT Google Play Music does not support family accounts in South Africa yet. So it's iTunes for a little while longer for me...