Don't leave South Africa, move to the Western Cape

Crime is our greatest demon right now, apart from a presidential mistake, we call JZ. And because of this crime I had a heated discussion with my friend the other day about how this may be the last straw for him to simply get out of dodge to emigrate. But here's yet another reason to not leave, and just stay in the Western Cape.

I lived in Cape Town for most of my life and then moved to Bloemfontein for 4 years. I was shocked. I had no idea I lived in Africa! Lol. On the positive, I realised how pretentious and self-centred I was as a Cape Tonian, but on the negative I realised how shit our country was being run. With regular weeks of no waste disposal, a main road that took three years to build, regular power outages apart from load shedding, days of no water and other maladministrative issues.

On the other hand, we have the Western Cape with their recycling, manicured public spaces, a world class park in Greenpoint, clean audits, and now... free WiFi.

I've been griping about this for years: The government is holding our economy back by allowing the broadband service providers to abuse us the way they do. Enter the all new Wifi program from the Western Cape Government. A top notch service bringing free Wifi to everyone, allowing entrepreneurs, students and everyone else to access the internet freely for whatever they need.

Maybe you're not a big internet person so let me spell this out for you: It'll speed up our local Western Cape economy with people making voice calls over the internet with devices like WhatsApp, it's small businesses using social media to promote their business to a whole new market, it's students accessing cutting edge research on their assignments. Just to mention the tip of the iceberg.

I am just holding out for Western Cape independence from our national government... that'll be rad.

Read the government article here