#appoftheweek Google Duo

As you know, I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to new tech and researching it. Someone asked me when I actually work since I am always playing with my phone. Well, I'm never "playing". The phone is a powerful work tool and Google Duo is a new step in this evolution.

Google have dabbled with Hangouts as a video calling service but it was too fiddly. Duo is pretty much their take on FaceTime. Up until now the only formidable FaceTime competitor was Skype. Bearing in mind that FaceTime is strictly an Apple based service, the rest of the world was stuck with Skype, which is rubbish.

So... there's not too much to discuss here. Duo is a very simple app that takes FaceTime to the world. And that's a big deal. Because lately, it seems Google have taken getting their app quality up to speed, and taking their "don't be evil" philosophy to heart i.e. not making everything exclusive, as Apple do.

And this really makes sense, what's the point in having an app on your phone that can only communicate with a specific brand of phone, it's technological communism.

So we now have Duo, with which we can talk to everyone, not just our Apple buddies, the new Inbox apps, which once you get used to is revolutionary and more functional than Apple Mail, Google Keep which takes simple note taking to another level, oh and Google Photos which, if you haven't heard, is incredible. See video below:

You can download Google Duo here: https://duo.google.com/